Situated in Bristol and serving the city and surrounding region for the last two decades, we’re located in the heart of the community, always ready to serve you. We have two decades of experience serving here in south west England. Always safety conscious, we have all electrical equipment serviced regularly.

So you can be sure you’re in good hands when we work for you. And please remember, we are specialists in all aspects of testing and inspecting electrical systems.

Testing And Inspecting Services

All our engineers are certified by the National Installation Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), so you can be sure that our services are up to industry standards.

Testing And Inspection Services Offered

Testing of switch functionality
Checking of both appliances and supply cords (IEC leads) for damage
Checking for correct type and fitting of fuses
Checking wires for live, neutral and earth integrity

Certified Inspection

Once the thorough inspection and testing process is carried out and completed, the company offers certification documents which prove that the testing and inspection process has been carried out according to current industry standards.

Appliances Inspected And Tested By Map Electricals

Map Electricals inspects various types of electrical equipment. In order to comply with the Institution of Engineering and Electricity(IET) Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection, the company inspects equipment in the following categories:

Information Technology (IT) Equipment. This includes printers, computers,
and telephones 
Extension leads
Equipment or appliances installed in cupboards 
‘Fixed equipment’ i.e. equipment fastened to a surface such as heaters or televisions
Portable electrical appliances, that is any electrical item which is under 18 kilograms without a carry handle
Moveable electrical items, i.e. under 18 kilograms and not fixed at any one place
Stationery items, i.e. over 18 kilograms with no carry handle
Hand held equipment such as hair dryers

This list covers almost every piece of electrical equipment. As mentioned earlier, our company keeps up with industry trends and standards, ensuring the same for all electrical equipment serviced regularly.